Hiring Sales Administrator

JOB DESCRIPTION: 1.Organize & Manage production according to demand and quality standards. 2.Receive Request for quote (RFQ) from customer. 3.Prepare quotes for products based on customers’ requirements. 4.Prepare and generate invoices accurately and in a timely manner. 5.Attend to customers’ inquiries and complaints. 6.Liaising with the production planner on delivery schedules. 7.Work closely with sales, […]

Pepper Pot Experience

We delivered Pepper Pot for more than 20 years for die bonder, die sorter, die attach, wafer test, wafer sorter equipment. We manufacture Pepper Pot for a wide range of die sizes using either single or multi-needle ejection. We are able to achieve fine pitch and very small diameter for the needle holder.

Vision for inspection & metrology

We have been manufacturing vision inspection modules and sub-assemblies for more than 10 years. All these products are used in die sorting, wafer inspection, metrology equipment. We are delighted to support the next technology and equipment with our experience and knowledge on vision inspection and imagery product manufacturing.

Wafer handling system

Great achievement of Small Tool’s team shipping XX wafer input modules to leading OEM in die sorting process. After successful and strict validation of the wafer module, the wafer module which is the heart of our customer equipment is now fully integrated into the die sorting equipment and operational at IDM customers. Well done to […]